There is so much more to Landscape Photography than just turning up and pointing and shooting at the scene. The most important factor lies in the feeling that the photographer has for that landscape; their connection with the scenery, across all of it’s depths. This is then captured for posterity and then shared with others for their viewing pleasure.

The creation of images, be it Landscape or any other tone of Photography, is a passion which many people share. Over the years a Photographer will perfect their skills and refine their techniques in order to capture ‘the perfect image’.

It’s a quest I don’t think I’ll ever tire of knowing I wont finish.

The reward, for me, comes when I receive feedback on my work. I know I am doing what I set out to do when a viewer picks out aspects of an image that I set out to bring attention to in the first place.

Looking at familiar (or not so) venues and locations in different ways allows the viewer to engage in the image. It gives a sense of the scenic beauty of the everyday scenes which in turn draws the viewer to it. The viewer wants to be in the locations portrayed.

There is no finer response to a Landscape Photographers work than this.

My search for that perfect image began some years ago when I enrolled on a night photography course – which, incidentally, didn’t even end up running. Undaunted by the disappointment, I set out on myphotographic odyssey; fine tuning my skills and vision en-route.

My journey has led to a Photographic tour of Wales, England, Scotland and many other places across the globe – Capturing each location’s Landscape, nature, diversity and ever-changing moods as I go.

The results of my tours are now available for your viewing pleasure. So, whether you are buying or just browsing, please enjoy my workmanship and feel free to leave comments where possible.

All the very best and thanks for stopping by.


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